24th January 2013

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Lizzie Bennet Diaries 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Favorite male character?

This was so hard. Seriously. This question almost kept me up last night. I love Darcy, obviously. I love the completely awkward and intelligent (let’s be real, here, a man that attractive using the word verisimilitude is actually the hugest turn on) agoraphobic lobster behaviors. I also love the suspenders and bow ties and the cardigan and of course, the hat. I also love Fitz. I love his master planning with Gigi. I love his Darcy impression. I love how cool and awesome and caring he is- seriously, that care package. But the thing is, an adaptation where I don’t like Darcy and Fitz doesn’t exist. I’ve always been in love with Darcy’s character- in every incarnation of P&P.

The surprise I got from LBD was how much I like love Mr. Collins. They managed to stay true to the character in that- yes, imagining being in a room with someone like that, never mind having them in your house, seems like it might just be too much to handle. I love Mr. Collins’ nervousness and his own social awkwardness and that yearning to be successful and well-liked (I think I suffer from a bit of that myself actually. All of those things). I also have to point out that Maxwell Glick might be the most adorable person to have ever existed, and that could be another part of why I love Mr. Collins. I think most of it, though, lies in that he is a prime example of how the cast and crew on this production have managed to take a story that¬†is a classic, one that we all know, and still make it fresh, giving it new dimensionality and a different tone and a wonderful new perspective- which is one of the reasons I’m just so incredibly fond of LBD over all other P&P adaptations.¬†

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    That’s because he’s perfect!
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    No but seriously, Mary Rose and I agree that Mr. Collins is our favorite. LBD has done just an amazing job of updating...
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    Thank you so much for all the kind words here. It’s really much appreciated. :)
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